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Vertech Imaging offers creative filming and photography services for TV, film and social media. Whilst our primary focus is aerial, we also have ground-based equipment on hand for close up filming work, or where it is not practical to use our drones. We also offer editing services to convert raw footage into your final product and, with our creative energy and attention to detail, we can capture your subject as never seen before. Here are some of the broad categories we service, please refer to our Portfolio page for examples.


All of our Pilots are UK qualified and trained to the highest standards, each with hundreds of flying hours giving you the peace of mind that we film only within the highest operating and safety standards.

Vertech Imaging Aerial filming with drones is the best way to capture that all-important moment. More versatile than a helicopter and without the big price tag, drones deliver breathtaking shots, simply, time and time again.

Vertech Imaging specialises in the following:

Tourism and Places of Interest: –
We produce captivating footage for the leisure and tourism industries and have a wealth of experience, particularly with stately homes and gardens. We appreciate the sensitivity of these environments and will always ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum. See our Portfolio page which has examples of properties under National Trust, English Heritage and Historic Houses Association.

Corporate: –
We create engaging video content for company websites, internal and social media, for any purpose from promotional and fundraising to training, conferences and industrial processes. We have worked with large multinationals and manufacturing companies to smaller business and high street shops.

Property and Construction: –
The built environment is leveraging drone technology in many ways. If you have a residential, industrial or commercial property you would like to market, we can offer both aerial and ground-based filming to showcase your subject. From detailed interior views to the wider surrounding environment, we can take your clients on an engaging virtual tour.

Sporting Events: –
From fast-paced watersports to the tranquility of a golf course, we have the skills and equipment necessary to capture dynamic footage of sporting activities. We have drones that can track at 60Mph and we are willing to fly over large expanses of water or challenging terrain to capture your event as never seen before.

Social and Cultural Events: –
Through a combination of ground-based and aerial camera work, we can capture both the close-up human aspects, as well as the wider scene and surroundings, for events such as concerts, festivals and weddings. We can also provide live feed services to broadcast your event.

Tourism and Places of Interest


Property and Construction

Sporting Events

Social and Cultural Events

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