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Vertech Imaging established itself at an early stage in the development of the drone industry and has evolved to offer a wide range of services, from creative content for digital media to technical work in geomatics and the built environment. Vertech Imaging also offers specialist services to the drone industry, including training, consultancy and aircraft assembly.

Aerial Filming

Using the latest technology Vertech Imaging, can create full panoramic views and superb quality images and footage. Whether creating advertising material for tourist attractions or covering…..


Vertech Imaging is partnered with Global Drone Training, a CAA accredited Recognised Assessment Entity, to provide the theoretical and practical training necessary for commercial drone operations….


Vertech Imaging has a range of fixed and rotary wing drones suitable for a range of technical tasks in the field of Geomatics, and can achieve accuracies not possible with manned aircraft…


Vertech Imaging offers a diverse range of ready-to-fly fixed wing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). These are intended for technical work, from precision agriculture and mapping,…

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